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Individual Product Summary
Critical Illness Insurance
Critical Illness coverage pays lump-sum benefits directly to the insured at the time a covered illness is diagnosed. Read more

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance offers fund value accumulation and a competitive interest rate. It can help ease the financial burden brought upon by the death of one of the family’s providers. Read more

Term Life Insurance
Term Life offers an economical method of owning life insurance to cover a specific need for a specific amount of time. Read more

Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance
Policies for Cancer only or Cancer and Specified Disease Insurance. Pays benefits, in addition to existing coverage, that can be used to help cover the costs associated with the treatment of cancer and other specified diseases. Read more

Accident Insurance (with Expanded Benefits)
Accident Insurance provides benefits for on- and off-the-job accidents or off-the-job only accidents and pays a lump-sum benefit to the insured that can be used to help cover the costs not paid by the primary insurer. Riders can be added to expand benefits. Read more

Hospital Indemnity Insurance (Supplemental Health Options Plan)
Hospital Indemnity Insurance, referred to as SHOP, allows the insured to "shop" for the supplemental health benefits that best meet their budget and needs. Read more

Heart & Stroke Insurance
Heart & Stroke Insurance pays benefits, in addition to existing coverage, that can be used to help cover costs associated with the treatment for heart- & stroke-related conditions. Read more

Disability Income Insurance
Disability Income Insurance provides an income when the insured can’t work because of a covered sickness or off-the-job accident. Read more