Short Term Disability coverage from Allstate Benefits pays a monthly cash benefit for employees only for disabilities due to non-occupational sickness or injury. Having an income can take a lot of worry out of ordinary, every-day living. With it, you cover bills, pay for your home and provide for your family. But what if you got sick or injured and couldn't work? How long could you afford life without a paycheck? Would your finances become disabled if you lost your paycheck? Our disability coverage helps offer peace of mind when an unexpected sickness or injury occurs.

The Fixed Indemnity Plan from Allstate Benefits provides cash benefits that correspond with hospital and intensive care stays; emergency treatment; diagnostic X-ray imaging and laboratory tests; ambulance transportation, and can help cover them as they happen. Expenses associated with a hospital stay can be financially difficult if money is tight and you are not prepared. Having the right coverage in place to help when a sickness or injury occurs can help eliminate your financial concerns and provide support at a time when it is needed most. Plus, the coverage includes Accident Only Emergency Treatment which pays a benefit for each day you receive medical treatment in an emergency treatment center due to an injury (Limited to 2 days per person each year). This coverage helps offer peace of mind when a hospitalization occurs.

Critical illness coverage from Allstate Benefits provides a lump-sum cash benefit to help cover the out-of-pocket expenses associated with critical illnesses. No one likes to think about the high cost of having heart disease, a stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery or cancer. And because there might be gaps in medical coverage, the costs involved could have a significant impact on hard-earned finances such as lost income, child care, travel expenses, prescription drugs and mortgage payments. Additional riders provide benefits for recurrence of an initial critical illness, waiver of premium, National Cancer Institute Evaluation, transportation, lodging, wellness, major organ transplant and more. The signs pointing to a critical illness are not always clear and may not be preventable, but critical illness coverage from Allstate Benefits can help offer financial support in the event you are diagnosed.

Accident coverage from Allstate Benefits provides cash benefits for out-of-pocket expenses associated with an accidental injury and can help protect hard-earned savings should an off-the-job accidental injury occur. No one plans to have an accident, but it can happen at any moment throughout the day. Many major medical insurance plans only pay a portion of the bills. Our benefits correspond with treatment for off-the-job accidental injuries including hospitalization, emergency treatment, intensive care, burns, fractures, paralysis, surgical procedures, transportation, wellness benefit and more. Accident coverage from Allstate Benefits can help pick up where other insurance leaves off and provide cash to cover the expenses.

Voluntary Group Life coverage from Allstate Benefits provides cash benefits for the death of a wage earner, covered spouse, or child(ren). Life is unpredictable. You can't predict when you will die, whether from disease, accidental injury, or natural causes. But, you can purchase coverage to help provide a cash benefit to help pay for funeral expenses or additional expenses your family may face without your paycheck. Give your family the gift of financial security-plan today! Our life coverage helps offer peace of mind when it's needed most.